I love food.

Like, REALLY love it.

We all like to eat out in restaurants but of course I realise that not everyone will be able to do that every night of the week (myself included!), but that doesn't mean we can't eat well. Time is also a factor to many of us these days; we're busy, and when we're not busy we're tired, and this also plays a major part in choosing what to cook I think.

So there's my challenge with Chefilepsy:

To highlight how we can all cook & enjoy restaurant-style food at home, 
whether it be starter, main, dessert, snack, light lunch, brunch or supper - 

I'm not just talking about how the food is presented, but also about the way certain things marry together on our plates and in our mouths, and often using just one or two main ingredients, with the rest coming from the everyday cupboard or fridge.

I also feature the odd restaurant review from around Dublin, and feature any Dublin foodie news on an as-and-when basis.

I hope you enjoy the food I feature here. I certainly did! Oh and of course, if you DO like something, tell all of your friends about it!

We're also on Facebook and Twitter for those of you that like to do all that kind of thing :)

Thanks for your ongoing support!

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